Last year China petrochemical processing

China petrochemical group, said on January 6 2010 company import high sulphur cr¡­

Baling petrochemical New Year eight meas

Four is playing good environmental management GongJianZhan, an a grasps carries ¡­

Sinopec maoming petrochemical reconstruc

China petrochemical group says, the company investment 73.6 million yuan of maom¡­

China petroleum and chemical corporation (Sinopec Group) abbreviation is July 1998 national in the original China petroleum and chemical corporation was established based on restructuring of large petrochemical enterprise Group, is a state-owned company solely by the state, the state authorized investment institutions and state holding company. China petrochemical group company registered capital 1306 billion yuan, general manager for the legal representative, headquartered in Beijing.

Deal With Climate Change

In recent years, global climate change has given rise to wide attention in the international ¡­
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